Here’s a quick video of my latest weapon against those damn slugs. I’ve had an infestation in the polytunnel and they are devastating my seedlings. It’s time to fight back…..


Attack of the Killer Potatoes

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. Things have been growing like CRAZY lately!! I think the fact that it is a little more overcast is helping. It’s still warm in the tunnel, just not too warm. It’s about 23 degrees C last time I checked.

The potatoes that I had planted have completely taken over and have become some kind of mutant Killer Potatoes, they started to cover all the other plants and I swear I saw them moving behind my back. One minute I would prop them up or tie them back and the next thing I knew they were all flopped over on top of something fragile. My poor Oca (probably the most exotic thing in the tunnel) was nearly killed by a massive potato plant growing on top of it. The sooner I pull up these potatoes the better…they better taste nice. I had to go at them hard as they were covering up my onions, carrots and leeks too. I don’t think I will plant any potatoes in the polytunnel next year. They are good to get lots of greenery into the tunnel quickly, so from that perspective they are great but apart from that they are a bit of a disaster. Maybe I’ll try growing them in bags next year.


On a brighter note my seeds are all sprouting so by the autumn I should have a good supply of leafy greens to keep me healthy during the winter.  My Bell Peppers are coming along nicely too. A friend was asking me recently if they die off after fruiting but as far as I know they are mostly perennial so they should come back each year if they are protected from frost.

My tomato plants have gotten quite bushy in the last few weeks too. I never pruned them as they were growing….my mistake…. I should have taken off the lower leaves and then pinched out the growing bud after they were about 7 leaves high. I forgot and now I have massive tomato bushes and no tomatoes yet…watch this space!!


(I did some hard pruning yesterday so I am hoping that I will be able to reach into all the tomatoes that I hope to still get)

In other news my sunflower (or rather my kids sunflower) is thriving in the tunnel. It is over 5 feet tall and still growing. It would be nice if I could get it to 6 or 7 feet, I’ll post some pictures when it is flowering.



Finally (as in this is my last piece of news, not ‘at last’), I had a minor infestation on one pot of lettuce. It was covered in little green caterpillars that were eating the leaves, they were kind of like silk worms. I promptly removed the pot and am keeping them outside. So far so good, it looks like they did not manage to transfer onto any other plants in the tunnel and I still have plenty of lettuce plants that were not affected. Which remind me, I must plant some more lettuce seed.

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Plants of my childhood

Some really good specimens discussed by mrplantgeek….trendsetter extrodinaire

Michael Perry - Mr Plant Geek

I have been growing plants since I was just 5 years old! My obsession started early. I have so many memories of gardening with my Nana and Granddad in their garden. I also sneaked lots of plants home, soon taking over my parents garden, and denying my father the ground to grow his regular beetroot crop! In this blog, I want to explore some of the plants I used to grow back then. In recent years, those plants may have become less popular, BUT quite a few of them are about to come back WITH A BANG!

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How does my polytunnel get so messy so quickly? Some recent photos

So I’ve been real busy in the tunnel. It had become a bit of a mess


As you can see I’ve been planting some seed (spinach, spring onion and Choy Sum)

I was also potting on my peppers and courgettes.

I’m not sure if it is a little late for the courgettes. They only have a few leaves coming out at this point but I’m hopeful that I’ll get something out of them. The variety is black beauty. I assume that means the  courgettes will be darker in colour!!

I got a few strawbs from the plants I moved from another veg patch. The plants themselves are thriving but I don’t think I will get anything else off them this year.

Anyway the tunnel was turning into a bit of a state so I got out the brush and tidies and swept things up. I reused old plant tags from shop bought annuals to label up my seed trays. I wasn’t going to bother but then I thought I had better as it would be a pain in the ass later in the year if I didn’t label up the seed trays I planted.

It’s amazing how quickly the tunnel gets messy, the last thing I want is for it to turn into a chore. The day I dread working in the tunnel would be a bad day indeed. A little spit and polish every so often keeps things from getting out of control. Yeah…I see that big doc leaf near the door…I’ll deal with it soon!!



I bought my seeds, seed trays, 2 bags of compost and 2 troughs in Fernhill garden centre in athlone. It’s a pretty nice garden centre and it has a lovely café attached. My 3 boys were happy with the sandwiches that they got, and even happier with the ice-cream. I try not to eat sugar so I just had a sandwich and a tea. As it was father’s day I got to snoop around the plants for half an hour while the lads had their ice-cream. The plants are a really high quality and quite reasonable so I would recommend Fernhill garden centre wholeheartedly.

Here are a few more photos from recent growth in the Tunnel.


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